May 08 2015


Take advantage of our $50 mail in rebate when you purchase 6 doses of either Frontline Plus or Nexgard and 12 doses of Heartgard Plus. Nexgard is a 30 day, FDA approved, oral chew for flea/tick control that is a nice alternative for people that don’t want to place the topical between the shoulders of their pets. It is just as effective as Frontline Plus at killing fleas and ticks.


Do you have a dog that suffers from anxiety issues? We now offer Thundershirts in several sizes. We have seen great success from the clients that have given this a try. Cost is $39.95

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Ruffwear’s mission is to build performance product to enhance and inspire outdoor adventures for dogs and their human companions. We have a variety of products to choose from: Harnesses, booties and leashes to name a few. Other products are available like life jackets.

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