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Clinic Mascot
Hi, I’m Percy and I’ve been with our clinic since January of 2012. As you may know, I came to PMC after an accident and the doctors put me back together.

I was on the front page of the newspaper and became famous. My friends at PMC thought I was fabulous, so I decided to live at the clinic 24/7. I have many skills! If I get hungry, I chew a hole in a bag of food so I can have a snack. If I need a playmate, I let the kittens waiting for adoption out of their room so we can scamper about. If I feel a patient needs my medical expertise, I open the exam room door and walk in to see what they need. I especially like to visit with the birds that come to visit me in the reception area. My job is clinic security. I keep an eye on the happenings from up above, watch from under a bench or peek from behind the food shelves. Most times, no one even knows I’m watching, so I’m very good at what I do. Clients ask about me all the time, so I try to be available to my fans. My friend Meghan asks me to ‘sit’ before I get a treat. I don’t really know what that means, and I get tired of waiting, so I rest while waiting for my treat. It always makes her happy when I do. I will be staying in my clinic home for a very long time.

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